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Here are our T&C folks there isn't many.... But they are still important!

Terms & Conditions

By signing up you agree to adhere to the following terms and conditions

  • To Run, Walk, Cycle or Swim everyday throughout the month of November. You do not have to commit to one discipline. For example you could walk one week and cycle the next.
  • To adhere to minimum distances which are as follow.
    • Walk or run minimum of 1 mile a day.
    • To cycle minimum of 5km per day.
    • To swim for a minimum of 30 minutes per day.
  • Sign up via the website by entering personal details and event entry fee payment details.
  • During the sign up process indicate if you would like a 10th anniversary coaster via the tick box.
  • Please email us if you require your coaster to be sent to you via post. This is an optional extra and you will be charged accordingly once we know you would like your coaster posted to you.
  • To fill 1,2,3 or whatever you can manage. These bags are to be filled ONLY with items on the donation bag checklist list found on the 'How it Works' page of the website. ANY ITEMS THAT ARE NOT ON THE LIST WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
  • To collect and drop off your donation bags at the places and times specified on the 'Bag Drop off' page of the website. TBC
  • To print off your own race number and wear it during your daily activity.

Participation in this event is at the participants own risk.

Don't forget you can retrieve any lost race numbers at the bottom off all the website pages. Just click on the 'Lost you race number?' and you'll be reunited with it :)

There is an additional cost if you wish to have a mug as well!!

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How to participate

When you have successfully registered you can swim, cycle, run, or walk. You do not have to stick to one of these disciplines for the duration of the event so you can mix it up if you'd like.

Minimum Distances

There is a minimum amount of each discipline to do per day. These are as follows:

Swim - 30 Minutes

Cycle - 5 Kilometers

Run - 1 Mile

Walk - 1 Mile

Now that you have signed up

By signing up you agree to adhere to the terms and conditions of the event. These can be found above and at the bottom of every page.

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What our RunVEMBRIANS say

This is a truly inspirational event that motivates hundreds of people to get out in all weathers , resulting in a great deal of practical help for people in need in our communities. Love it

Simon Lansdowne

This is win win all around. Runvember gets me out and active on those dark winter days when I'd be tempted to stay inside. It makes me so grateful every time I come back home for the roof over my head and the hot water I'm lucky enough to have. Filling a box makes me think hard about what would bring comfort to someone living on the streets. There is constant support from the online Runvember community and especially from Mr. Runvember himself, who along with his family starts work long before November 1st and carries on working long after November 30th. Thank you. I'm privileged to be a Runvembrian!

Tina van Ewyk

Having worked for one of the charity involved with HrH RunVEMBER Challenge I know how well it has helped not only the guys on the streets but also the teams that are trying to help them move on! The support from all the runvermberians to the homeless community of Swindon has been amazing to say the least but all this would not have happened without the Butler team, which I know, quite a few of us within the homelessness sector are so grateful for.
And as a participant I have to say I loved every bits of it - it was tough but so good for the soul!

Thank you to all involved. Xx

Kai Larcins

Such a brilliant cause, organised and run by our resident super hero.
My work colleagues have already started asking about it and donations have started, so no pressure for me then. Looks like I’m running.

Julie Comer