We're trying to bring it all to you RunVEMBRIANS this year!!!

We've even got our own merch this year!!

What we have to offer this year!

We have some very cool mugs to offer you this year. Get them while they're hot.... (Not literally, we'll let them cool off first :) )

Look at how awesome they are! They are £12.50

Our standard T-shirts are made from active-dry material and so is the long sleeve top, to keep you warm in the winter! The vest is made out of the standard activewear material. These are available in sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. *They may not look exactly as advertised.

We also have some coasters this year! To celebrate 10 years of helping our community.

T-shirts/vest/long sleeve top - £12.50 - Awaiting stock/ made to order

Mugs - £12.50 - Awaiting stock

Coasters - £3 - Ready for collection in the colours illustrated

Just drop us an email at to put an order in.

Order here

More details coming soon! You can sign up from the 15/09/2022

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