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Entries open on the 01/10/2020 -

Please keep an open mind to how HRH's RunVEMBER Challenge will run this year. Due to COVID-19 things will be different. Information can be found on the government website. Here is some of what you should already be observing and we encourage you all to carry on as you are and we will not be holding any group runs this year. We will still be doing themed runs, just not as a group. We look forward to seeing all your posts and updates on social media.

2. Principles for safe urban centres and green spaces

Guidance on social distancing, face coverings, cleaning and communications can be found below.

2.1 Social distancing

Social distancing is an important measure to help minimise the transmission risk of coronavirus. 2m or 1m with risk mitigation (where 2m is not viable) are acceptable.


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We would like to say a massive thankyou to our sponsors who continue to support RunVEMBER year in year out, their commitment is very much appreciated.

What our RunVEMBRIANS say...

Having worked for one of the charity involved with HrH RunVEMBER Challenge I know how well it has helped not only the guys on the streets but also the teams that are trying to help them move on! The support from all the runvermberians to the homeless community of Swindon has been amazing to say the least but all this would not have happened without the Butler team, which I know, quite a few of us within the homelessness sector are so grateful for.
And as a participant I have to say I loved every bits of it - it was tough but so good for the soul!

Thank you to all involved. Xx

Kai Larcins

This is a truly inspirational event that motivates hundreds of people to get out in all weathers , resulting in a great deal of practical help for people in need in our communities. Love it

Simon Lansdowne

This is win win all around. Runvember gets me out and active on those dark winter days when I'd be tempted to stay inside. It makes me so grateful every time I come back home for the roof over my head and the hot water I'm lucky enough to have. Filling a box makes me think hard about what would bring comfort to someone living on the streets. There is constant support from the online Runvember community and especially from Mr. Runvember himself, who along with his family starts work long before November 1st and carries on working long after November 30th. Thank you. I'm privileged to be a Runvembrian!

Tina van Ewyk

Such a brilliant cause, organised and run by our resident super hero.
My work colleagues have already started asking about it and donations have started, so no pressure for me then. Looks like I’m running.

Julie Comer

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